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Professional Air Humidifier, Purifying Air at Room and Office, Suitable for Promotional Purposes

Do you want to improve the environment of your room? Do you want to have a good skin? Here is a product :USB Air Humidifier will help you. Then you can refresh you air ,moisturize your dry skin and have a elegant life.


1.USB Air Humidifier                                                                          

2. Four kinds of spray mode choice

3. Built-in blue LED Nightlight

4. Large tank capacity, without adding water repeatedly



Dimensions :Approx 80*80*140mm

PowerDC 5V  500mA                          

Max Hours:8 hours

Mist amount:20-30ml/hr


Material :PP+ABS

Protection: Anti-dry protection

Vibration: Ultrasonic

Usage:For car and Table

Packing QTY:40PCS

NW/GW: 10/11kg 



Package Type: The original packaging of us

Package Contents: 

1 x mini Humidifier

1 x USB cable

1 x User Manual       



Q1: Is it both warm and cool mist or just cool mist?

A1: Hello, it is cool mist.

Q2: Will be wet the floor from humidifier?

A2: No, it won't. The humidifier just release the fresh air, not make the floor wet.

Q3: Does it can add aromatherapy liquid drops to water?

A3: No, it doesn't.

Q4: Can I use any type of essential oil?

A4: I'm sorry, you can't.

Q5: Does this need filters?

A5: No, it doesn't.


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