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Plastic Humidifiers For Office Change The Water Every Day

Whether it is oven-like summer or arctic winter, many people say that their life is simply air-conditioned, but air conditioning for a long time the skin, the throat will be particularly dry, so many people will choose to put a home and office Plastic Humidifiers For Office to moisturize the air. In a dry environment using a Plastic Humidifiers For Office, can indeed to a certain extent, ease the dry condition.

In general, the human body suitable for the humidity of 50% to 60%, if too high, easy to produce breathing difficulties, chest tightness and other symptoms. In fact, the body's nasal cavity, the respiratory tract itself can be self-humidification of the regulation, do not open air conditioning does not need to deliberately humidification.

Therefore, we should minimize the use of Plastic Humidifiers For Office, if a long time to open the Plastic Humidifiers For Office, the white mist is likely to accelerate the spread of some bacteria and breeding, easily lead to "humidification pneumonia." Plastic Humidifiers For Office must change the water every day, regular cleaning. Immune function of the crowd to be more caution with Plastic Humidifiers For Office.

There are some use of physical principles of the Plastic Humidifiers For Office in addition to air bacteria can cause respiratory infections, but also because of radioactive elements of radiation, such as ultrasonic Plastic Humidifiers For Office radiation. We all know that ultrasound and X-ray will kill the body's cells, ultrasonic Plastic Humidifiers For Office works is the use of ultrasound, so pregnant women as little or no use.

Many friends take it for granted that the Plastic Humidifiers For Office can add tap water, the reason is only used to breathe, and do not drink into the stomach. In fact, this idea is wrong, because the tap water contains a variety of minerals, one will damage the Plastic Humidifiers For Office evaporator, the water contained in the water will also affect its life; two from the water chlorine atoms and microorganisms There may be blowing into the air with water mist pollution. If the water hardness is high, the Plastic Humidifiers For Office sprayed from the water mist containing calcium and magnesium ions, will produce white powder, pollution of indoor air.

Some people like to add to the Plastic Humidifiers For Office fungicide or aromatherapy additives, that this can effectively prevent the disease, soothe nerves. But in fact, the additive particles are relatively large, prolonged inhalation tends to increase the burden of the respiratory system. Therefore, it is not advisable to add any additives to the Plastic Humidifiers For Office.

Most people buy back the Plastic Humidifiers For Office, in order to facilitate the design of very little humidity, this will not only lead to the role of Plastic Humidifiers For Office greatly reduced, over time will bring adverse health effects. When using the Plastic Humidifiers For Office, it is best equipped with a thermometer with a dry and wet ball, at any time to monitor the indoor humidity, easy to adjust the humidity of the Plastic Humidifiers For Office.

Some people patronize the use of Plastic Humidifiers For Offices, but ignore the cleaning, not regularly clean the Plastic Humidifiers For Office will produce mold and other microorganisms to buy these microbes will be filled with air into the air, and then into the respiratory tract, it is easy to cause respiratory diseases, Will lead to "humidification pneumonia". It is generally recommended that the Plastic Humidifiers For Office should be changed daily and preferably cleaned once a week.

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