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Best 300ml Wood Oil Diffuser On The Market

Best 300ml Wood Oil Diffuser on the market

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This essential oil diffuser is a wonderful bargain as you are provided with two key functionalities for the price of one. The Oil Diffuser also doubles up as an effective humidifier. As it had been mentioned earlier, the benefits of having a humidifier in very dry places as well as during winter or cold weather are immense. For starters, irritated throats and dry skin which are prevalent in these conditions are well relieved by the use of humidifiers. The design of this diffuser is quite sleek to say the least and the 2 button option settings make this device amazingly easy to operate.

Simple Operation 
Based on user-friendly principle, no complicated operation. The using steps is: 
1.Lift up the cap, fill the water tank 
2.Add drops of aromatherapy /essential oil 
3.Connect the humidifier to power source and press “MIST” to choose desired mode 
4.Press “LIGHT” to change the color

Function Keys: 
"MIST": Choose the time from 1 hour/3 hours/6 hours/steady on. 
"Light": Turn on the LED light, the color will change automatically. Press the "Light" button again to freeze the color you want. Press again to change another color, 7 color is available. Each color is adjustable between Bright and Dim.

Packaging include: 
1x Aroma Humidifier 
1x Adaptor 
1x User Manual 
1x Measuring Cup

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