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2016 New Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

This Mini USB Essential Oil Diffuser with cute creative design will give you a different feeling about life. It will creative a fragrant mist and your skin will be full of moisture. It will help you release pressure ,give you a better mood to your work. And you can have a elegant life




2.Aroma diffusion(apply to water-soluble perfume only)



1.USB Air Humidifier                                                                          

2.Newest Ultrasonic technology, Atomization even more delicate, Not wet Desktop

3. 2 hours working time setting, to prevent dry                                                     



Rated Voltage DC 5V                                   

Rated Power: 1.5W±0.5W

Amount of water spray



Applied Area:15 m2

Working Temperature:10-40

Product size:10*225px

Packing QTY:60PCS

NW/GW: 12.5/13.5kg 



Package Type: The original packaging of us

Package Contents: 

1 x mini Humidifier

1 x USB cable

1 x User Manual       


User's Guide:

1.Open the cover, add 120ml water into the container(approx.80% of the container capacity)

2.Cover the container

3.Connect the USB cable with your computer

4.Turn on the wheel switch, fine-turning the mist to its best condition

5.Turn on the light button if needed



1.Please keep the mount of the spray clean and put the product in the clean place when you     don't use it.

2.Please note the direction of cover ,keep the hole to the spray mouth.

3.Please add water in time when used up.




1.Q:Is it suitable for all essential oils?

 A:No. It applies to water-soluble perfume only.

2.Q:Will the product wet the tabletop when it works?

 A:No, it uses newest ultrasonic technology and atomization even more delicate, it does not wet tabletop.

3.Q:Does it have large mist?

 A:Yes, the mist amount is more than 30ml/hr.

4.Q:Could you give us a discount ?

 A:Yes, we can . if your order is large.

5.Q:Does it turn off automatically?

 A:Yes. You can also set time, then it will turn off automatically.

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