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Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser


Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy - the term comes from the Greek language and means the treatment of odors in ancient times the science studying the use of fragrances, perfumes and essential oils to improve the condition of the person acquiring them in the harmony of the various areas of daily life. In modern aromatherapy has become very popular as a consequence of the diversity of uses of aromatic oils, as well as the use of only natural essential oils.At first, people began to notice that the smells of different plants have different effects on the human condition: some smells soothe and help relieve stress, other flavors on the contrary, stimulate, added vitality. 

oil diffuser

The most famous in the ancient flavors, are frankincense and myrrh, they are referred to in the Bible. Then aromatherapy has been a major focus of treatment of various diseases.Egyptians extracted from plants odoriferous substances and used them for their religious rites and ceremonies, and aromatic oils used for embalming, even for medicinal purposes and cosmetics.The Chinese also used aromatic herbs in combination with massage and acupuncture. Aromatherapy is present in most religions which rituals corresponds to a certain flavor.Scientific experiments and studies of perception of odors in humans began quite recently - in the twentieth centuryHuman olfactory information can bypass the mind and penetrates directly into the subconscious. Areas of the brain responsible for olfactory analysis, are mostly part of the limbic system, which is known as the "animal brain". The structure of the limbic system includes various brain structures (hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdala, reticular formation), gets there about the smell, it becomes unconsciously emotional.

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