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Ultrasonic diffusers


Ultrasonic diffusers

  The most popular electronic diffusers are ultrasonic diffusers. Such models have a small tank of water to which you add a few drops of essential oil, or more if you prefer a stronger smell. A vibrating diaphragm in the diffuser turns the water and oil into fine, cool mist (like boiling, but with force). The process produces a soft whirring noise, though it’s hard to hear unless you have your ear to the device. These diffusers start at $20 and work best in a single room. Because they light up and produce a stream of mist, they are nice to look at. The scent they produce is subtle compared with that of nebulizers, or even your average scented candle. (Smell is subjective, so we can discuss it only in relative terms: What I found to be a subtle peppermint scent, for example, had my boyfriend complaining and turning the device off when I was in another room.)

Ultrasonic diffusers

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