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An ultrasonic diffuser uses electric frequency to create vibrations. These vibrations move to where the oils float, and evaporate the oil so it is diffused into the area without heat. Since heat can break down the oils and interfere with the quality of the oil’s benefits, the ultrasonic diffuser is a good choice. The process also produces negative ions that can help calm the body and surrounding environment.

oil diffuser

An evaporative diffuser uses air that blows through a filter and evaporates the oil through it. Since lighter oils will diffuse faster than heavier oils with this method, you may not get the same quality health benefits as you would from the whole oil, but it will still do a decent job of getting the aroma in the room. It runs quietly, too.

nebulizing diffuser breaks down the oil into super fine tiny drops, and then sprays them into air, to atomize and ionize the oil so you get the maximum therapeutic benefit. This diffuser should be used with thin oils that haven’t been diluted.

Heat diffusers are not ideal for the therapeutic use, because the heat will destroy the quality of the oil. Using this type of diffuser is good for making your room smell good.

Reed diffusers use reed sticks placed in the oil to soak it up and release it into the air. Reeds can hold the scent for months, but the affected area is small, and the scent is light, so they are better used for fragrance, rather than therapeutic purposes. Candle diffusers use a small candle to heat the oil so it will evaporate and release the aroma. They are much like the ultrasonic diffuser, but do not require electricity to run.

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