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Of what use is an essential oil diffuser to me?(B)

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Of what use is an essential oil diffuser to me?(B)

That no longer happens as often as it did before I started using an essential oil diffuser. Even when they           

occur, I pop out my oils, and I am feeling better in no time.




Our daily lives are full of with stressors that leave us unable to relax. When I begin to feel like stress is               

getting the best of me I find that diffusing essential oils help. I would recommend bergamot, frankincense           

and chamomile for this.



5.Boosting your mood


Have you ever woken up and found yourself in a terrible mood for no reason? Or something happens at           

work and you feel so sad that nothing can cheer you up? It has happened to me sometimes, and I find              

that my mood and spirits are lifted whenever I use my diffuser. Sage, bergamot and lavender can be most        

helpful in this case.

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