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Humidifier is an increasing indoor humidity with household appliances. Humidification humidifier can be specified to the rooms, and can also be connected to the boiler or central air conditioning system for entire building humidification.

Humidifier is a household appliances that can increase indoor humidity, humidifier, room humidifier can be specified to, can also be connected to the boiler or central air conditioning system for entire building humidification. According to the theory of heat and moisture Exchange, humidifier in your actual project is divided into the following two types:

1, enthalpy of the humidifier: the use of water absorption of evaporative humidification the air was hot, the change in enthalpy, humidity chart for approximate isenthalpic process.

2, isothermal humidifiers: the heat the liquid water into steam and air humidification, the change in enthalpy, humidity chart for approximate isothermal process.

Humidifier from the terms of use can be divided into industrial humidifiers, commercial humidifiers and humidifier for household use three large categories.

Ultrasonic humidifier

Has been widely used in various fields. Ultrasonic humidifier uses ultrasonic high frequency oscillatory 2 million times per second, water mist to 1 micron to 5 microns of ultrafine particles and negative oxygen ions, thus achieving uniform humidification, clean air, health promotion, and removal of heating in winter and hot and create a comfortable living environment.

Pure humidifier

Direct evaporative type humidifier are often also known as pure type humidifier. Pure humidifier is wet just the use of new technologies in the field of technology, through evaporation of molecular sieve to remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water, solve the "white powder". By water washing air humidifier while in the air of germs, dust, particulate filtration and purification, then by a pneumatic device will wet the clean air to the Interior, resulting in increased humidity and cleanliness. So it is very suitable for families with old people and children, to protect against winter flu germs.

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