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Do Ultrasonic Humidifiers and Aromatherapy Machines Hurt the Human Body?


Do Ultrasonic Humidifiers and Aromatherapy Machines Hurt the Human Body?

If you are referring to ultrasound ultrasound, it does not harm the human body."The theoretical study shows that under the same amplitude conditions, the energy of an object's vibration is proportional to the vibration frequency. ultrasonic-essential-oil-diffuser34360339617.jpg

When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the medium, the frequency of the medium particle vibration is very high, so the energy is very large. In the dry winter in northern China, If ultrasonic waves are introduced into the water tank, violent vibration can break the water in the tank into many small droplets, and then use a small fan to blow the mist into the room to increase the indoor air humidity. 


This is the principle of the ultrasonic humidifier. Pharyngitis. With diseases such as bronchitis, it is difficult for medicines to reach the site of disease. Using the principle of a humidifier, the liquid is atomized to allow the patient to inhale, which can improve the therapeutic effect. The use of ultrasonic energy can also make the body The stone is broken by intense and forced vibration, which slows down the pain and achieves the goal of healing.

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