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Essential Oil Diffuser


Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oils diffuser, or EO diffuser, disperses essential oils into the air. The particles emitting from the diffuser provides any room or space with a fragrant aroma. They’re commonly used in large living spaces, cars, bedrooms and for aromatherapy. Some people enjoy the look of a wood essential oil diffuser, while others may like the appearance of a ceramic essential oil diffuser. Not all of them work the same however, and which one you choose should be based on your needs and desires. Here are more details of the different types of diffusers for essential oils.

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Best Essential Oil Diffuser

As mentioned, there are several types of essential oil diffusers to choose from. Which one is best for you is based on your profession, living space and lifestyle. For example, if you’re a massage therapist or your profession involves aromatherapy, you’ll likely want a high-grade diffuser compared to someone who just wants to diffuse fragrances occasionally at home. As far as comparing, essential oil diffusor electric models are popular because there’s little maintenance. However, the heat could change the chemistry and smell of the essential oil. Whereas an ultrasonic needs regular maintenance, but risks no heat damage to the essential oil and can also be used as a humidifier. The choice depends on your needs and wants. The most popular essential oil diffusers for a variety of lifestyles are the ultrasonic, nebulizer, USB and car diffusers.

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

An ultrasonic diffuser for essential oils uses water and essential oils for a mist that dispenses into the air. This is a common large room essential oil diffuser, as it delivers the essential oil into the air and disperses freely into the living space. Ultrasonics also act as a cool mist essential oil diffusor. Because water is used, the fragrance of the essential oil is less concentrated compared to a nebulizing diffusor. However, depending on how many drops of essential oil you add, the mist can have a subtle or more pronounced smell throughout the room.

The best ultrasonic essential oil diffusor varies based on reviews you find online. However, they all have the same benefits of cleaning the air and helping to promote a pleasant ambiance. Essential oil ultrasonic diffusors do require more maintenance because of the water they use. Cleaning is relatively quick and easy, with water and vinegar usually needed to clean the basin.

This type also works as an essential oil diffusor humidifier and essential oil vapor diffusor, which can be beneficial for the dry winter months. It’s helpful for those who have seasonal allergies too.

When looking to purchase an ultrasonic essential oil diffusor, Walmart or other retail stores may carry some, but widest selection will be found online.

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