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Aroma Diffuser


Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Size: D169mm*H121mm

  • Voltage :AC100-240V/DC24V 650ma                                                                  

  • Power: About 14W

  • Capacity:300ml.

  • Ultrasonic frequency: 2.4 MHz

  • Max Time:About 6-10hours

  • Mist output:About 40-50ml./hour

  • Timing: 1H/3H/6H/ON

  • Weight:0.438KG

  • Raw material :ABS/PP/PC

  • LED:  3pcs  colorful lights                                                                                      

  • Base color : white and wood grain

  • Auto power off when water runs out

diffuser essential oil electric

Product Description

1, Ultrasound cool mist diffuser with 30ml/h

2, Water tank made of PP for resistant tocorrosion

3, Wooden base ith touch button

4, 7 color rainbow LED night light

5, Essential oil can be put directly in the water tank

6, simple but fashionable design

7, With water alarm safety protection system

8, Cool mist spray nourish your skin and purify the air

9, Help you release pressure and relieve fatigue

10,Noiselessness for sleep   

 aroma diffuser

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