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Air Freshener / Perfumes Diffuser / Aromatherapy Diffuser / Essential Oil Diffuser for Hotel Lobby, Restaurant & Bar, Pubs & Nightclubs, Gaming & Casino, SPA


Product Detail

  • Usage:Home, Industry, Medical, Engineering, Hotel Lobby and SPA

  • Type:Air Ionizer

  • Certification:CE, RoHS

  • Application Area:>61m2

  • Power Source:AC Source

  • Operating Principle:Active

  • Purifying Technology:Air Ionizer

  • New Designed Products:Yes

  • Material:Metal Body

  • Origin:Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

essential oil water diffuser

Aromatherapy Diffuser Machine 
1. auto release scent 
2. Working period adjustable 
3. With DC adaptor

Aromatherapy Diffuser Machine

Aromatherapy Diffuser Machine
Product feactures:
1. With romote control, easy to control the equipment.
2 Fragrance is adjustable. Interval time is adjustable.
3 Not installation pipe in needed. 
4. Be put near the air intake.
5   Japan long-life compressed air pump built inside.
6. placed on a stable base to operate. 

* Safety: Fragrance diffuse in normal temperature which far away from fire disaster.
* Pure and Fresh: Take full advantages of concussion gas atomization principle, the fragrances keep pure and fresh without smell of aromatherapy flame or candles
* Natural: It will be able to release millions of a particle molecule without heating, and keep the oil through the pressure to spread, rapidly in the air to form a strong anion, and reserves the precious components of oils

After service: one year in replacement, three year repaired.
Certificate: CE& RoHS
 small essential oil diffuser 
Hotel Lobby, Restaurant & Bar, Pubs & Nightclubs, Gaming & Casino, SPA & Fitness
Clubs, Cinemas & Auditoriums and Hospitals can now have their ambience smell like
peeling fresh orange, chocolate cream pie, crisp green apple, luscious fragrance of
sweet coconut, distinctive aroma of freshly cut grass, pleasant green tea aroma and
many more.

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