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500ml Diffuser and Ultrasonic Air Humidifier


400ml Diffuser and Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

This is both a large room essential oil diffuser and a humidifier with the added benefit of an alternating colour night light. The water capacity is a large 400ml allowing up to 10 hours continuous use.  It automatically turns off after choosing from the three time period options, or once the water has run out.

oil diffuser

Unlike many other diffusers, the URPOWER interior pops out for easy cleaning and its clearly marked water lines means you’ll avoid an overfill spill. Despite its large capacity and power, the diffuser is amazingly quiet and a great essential oil diffuser for a large room.

oil diffuser

The best essential oil diffuser for a large room is one that is easy to clean and refill, looks like it’s part of your decor, has sufficient light and time settings to suit your needs, and of course—efficiently diffuses your favourite essential oils and purifies the air. These larger capacity diffusers produce more mist and a wider reach for the diffusion; perfect for large rooms and open plan spaces.

Each of the diffusers I’ve listed is perfect for bringing the valuable therapeutic qualities of essential oils into your home or office. They’ll help you to wake up, relax, recuperate, repel the cold season, and will make anyone who enters the room feel right at home.

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